Employee volunteering

Launched in 2003, TakeAction is an employee programme designed to encourage and support employees to integrate the company's Triple Bottom Line approach into everything they do.

The programme provides an opportunity to engage in voluntary activities and a forum for sharing best practices. All activities are developed and undertaken by Novo Nordisk employees during their working hours and must support the company's business objectives as well as cover social and/or environmental objectives in their local communities.

TakeAction activities are divided into three categories; every initiative either address social issues in the local community, helps the environment or positively affects the lives of the people whose healthcare needs we serve.

As the surroundings of our affiliates differ, so do the challenges that employees rise to every day: Examples include:

  • Employees in India choose to fight a high evidence of diabetes in their home country and raise awareness on diabetes prevention. 
  • In USA employees are met every day with signs of massive social disparity in their local community and choose to make a difference, for instance by providing under-resourced school children with tools and clothes.

TakeAction provides employees with an opportunity to live out company values in new ways, to show responsibility and support a sustainable development.

The TakeAction programme is driven by employees and coordinated by corporate headquarters. Volunteers are asked to report their activities - who did they help and how did they do it? - and share best practice at an internal TakeAction website.



In 2010, more than 90 TakeAction activities were carried out at 23 different Novo Nordisk affiliates (countries). A total of 13,669 volunteer hours were donated by 2,836 employees.

Besides volunteering, our employees raised funds through raffles, donations, flea markets, marathons and auctions. Of the fundraising projects reported in 2010, a total of  239,279 US dollars was raised to support local initiatives, organisations and causes. Additionally, 137,459 USD was raised for projects administrated by the World Diabetes Foundation in 2010, while 6,000 US dollars was raised for projects administered by Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation.

In some sites, the TakeAction programme offers employees an opportunity to support children with diabetes in developing countries through the World Diabetes Foundation. By donating a part of their monthly salary, employees supported the World Diabetes Foundation's programme, 'Children with diabetes in Congo-Brazzaville' with 13,254 US dollars in 2010.

Novo Nordisk's vision to defeat diabetes is at the heart of the TakeAction programme. The volunteer activities reflect our company values, social responsibility and environmental soundness, with a majority of initiatives supporting people with diabetes or those in risk of developing type 2 diabetes. For instance, employees in Ukraine arranged awareness campaigns in busy streets in Tiraspol while Indian employees measured blood sugar in rural districts around Bangalore.

Many of the volunteer projects in 2010 entailed a combination of team building exercises and paying back to the local community. Examples include:

  • In Poland, during meetings, 100 Polish employees spent their lunch break teaching local school children about healthy living and diabetes prevention. 
  • In Morocco, 340 employees networked while renovating a village school and establishing a new playground. 
  • In Canada 200 employees performed acts of kindness in downtown Toronto during their Christmas meeting.



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We trained almost 500,000 health care professionals to improve diabetes treatment