UN Global Compact

Novo Nordisk is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, a platform for encouraging and promoting good corporate principles and learning experiences in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We signed up to the United Nations Global Compact in 2002, and reaffirmed this commitment in 2004 as a signatory to the Global Compact, including the tenth principle, which was adopted in June 2004.

Communication on progress provides an overview of activities during 2009 in support of the Global Compact’s objectives. The GRI indicators have been linked to the ten principles.


Novo Nordisk and Global Compact

Novo Nordisk signed up to the United Nations Global Compact in 2002. In 2004 Novo Nordisk reaffirmed its commitment as a signatory to the Global Compact, including the tenth principle, which was adopted in June 2004.

We strive to implement the Global Compact principles into our business and within its sphere of influence. Novo Nordisk actively support the proliferation of the Global Compact by providing case studies and giving presentations related to Global Compact activities, both at international events and through the Nordic network.

Novo Nordisk has worked systematically for more than two decades to actively manage our business according to the Triple Bottom Line perspective - seeking to be financially, socially and environmentally responsible. And our motives for doing so are fully consistent with the objectives behind the Global Compact. Initially we focused on ensuring our 'license to operate', managing risks related to environmental, social and economic impacts of our activities by proactively engaging with stakeholders to understand their concerns and perspectives.

In January 2011, Novo Nordisk, together with a group of 54 companies, which all are part of UN Global Compact,  made an ambitious commitment to work towards implementation of the 'Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership', a comprehensive roadmap outlining roughly 50 concrete actions businesses can take to achieve greater sustainability.

Originally, Novo Nordisk has since 2007 been a part of the UN Global Compact initiative – ‘Caring for Climate: The Business Leadership Platform’. This initiative is well in line with Novo Nordisk’s climate strategy. Read more about Climate action.

For Novo Nordisk, the Global Compact is a forum for learning and a way of engaging in dialogue with stakeholders. The Global Compact is also an opportunity to be accountable and transparent about efforts to integrate sustainability into the business.

Novo Nordisk works actively with the ‘Global Compact Network Nordic Countries’ for the Compact to gain further ground in the Nordic countries and to share better practices for implementation among Nordic companies.

Other examples of activities in support of the Global Compact principles include Novo Nordisk’s support of the UN Resolution on Diabetes, participation in the Global Business Initiative for Human Rights, the Global Compact Human Rights Working Group, and the Respect Europe initiative ‘Road to Copenhagen 2009’.

The Global Compact’s 10 principles for responsible business are incorporated into the company’s governance framework, the Novo Nordisk Way and serve as the strategic frame for comprehensive programmes such as the Changing Diabetes® programmes to improve access to health, the Business Ethics Programme and the Responsible Sourcing Programme.


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